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FAQ Carmen Online (English)

>> FAQ CARMEN ONLINE 2015 (English)

1. What is the competition?

When we decided to create this project three years ago, we had two questions:  Are children 8 to 16 years capable of composing, writing, playing and recording music using the Internet? Could we use the melodies the children created to make a collective work, played in a concert with professional musicians? These two questions sum up the basis for the Melodías Online project.

Students from schools and conservatories, have the opportunity to create and participate in a collective work. This year the competition is centered on the myth of “Carmen” and the music of Bizet.

2. Who can participate?

There are different divisions students can participate in – composition and dance.  Each division has specific requirements that must be met.  Students between the ages of 8 and 16 can participate, depending on the division.

3. How can you participate?

The student communicates their interest to their music tutor or teacher at the school or conservatory they attend.  The teacher will then register the student by filling out the registration form on the contest website.  Students can register individually or as part of a group. All dances must be registered in the group division.  There is no individual division for dance at this time.

4. How to register?

First, read carefully all the terms and conditions for the contest. Once you have read and understand the terms, choose a category and inform your teacher that you would like to participate in the contest. Your teacher can then fill out the registration form on the contest’s website. (from January 15 to February 20).

5. What are the Prizes?

There are prizes for each category.  This year there are 1,200 euros in musical materials to be awarded, spread out over the composition and dance divisions.

6. What are the dates and phases for registration?

There are several phases:

REGISTRATION: January 15 to February 20, 2015

PHASE 1. Competition begins. February 23 until March 21

PHASE 2. Uploading files. From March 23 until April 17(Deadline to
count total views of the posting April 17).

PHASE 3. Selection of finalists. Third week of April.

PHASE 4. Publication of the winners. Last week of April or first of

PHASE 5. Award ceremony and final concert. June, the concert date and awards will be announced later.

8. What musical level should the students have?

You can participate with only an elementary knowledge of music. Each award has a particular student profile in mind. For example the prize of Melody Soloist, is more for students studying in music schools and conservatories. On the other hand, Melodías’ prize for “Best Interpreted,” is more focused on the public school level, being more suitable for primary and secondary students.

There is also the possibility of participating in the prize for “Most Listened to Melody.”  It is composed of students of different ages and levels.  Make sure to look at the descriptions of each category before making your choice.

9. Should we make a video and sheet music for the entry?

Yes. You must create sheet music to be sent to the organization.
The video can be made on a Smartphone, Tablet or digital camera.  It does not have to be of professional quality.

You must then upload the video to YouTube.  It is the responsibility of the participant to create the sheet music and upload the video.

10. Why “Carmen?”

The competition organizers have selected the opera “Carmen” by Bizet, to coincide with the exhibition that will take place in 2015/2016 on the myth and the opera, “Carmen.” The SGAE Foundation along with other institutions will determine if any of these works will appear in the exhibition. The competition will serve as a bridge to the creation of music on a basic education level and as vocational training.

11. How many schools and students will be involved?

This is the fourth year of the competition statewide. Any student or group of students from any educational institution (school, conservatory, cultural center, etc.) in Spain can participate (see age limit in each category).

This year the contest will take place on both a national and international level. We will be reserving spots in the competition for participants from countries outside of Spain.  Over 1,000 students and 50 schools are expected to participate.

--(Thanks to Annie Tyler for the Translation)

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