viernes, 22 de febrero de 2019

How many lines has a music staff? Music Quiz with Lady GAGA

How many lines has a music staff?, do you know what are the note names of the last Lady Gaga's Tattoo? I have create my first meme music video inspired in the name of this famous singer, with only this notes GAGA! The last 14 of February I read an article about a funny mistake when Lady GAGA was tattooing a musical staff with his note names, they forget to print the last line of the staff, so I think to my students that perhaps with the help of Lady GAGA they could learn at the end this simple question, how many lines has an staff. So I decided to make this simple Vídeo using the notes GAGA to compose an original meme music inspired in the tatoo of Lady Gaga. The gifs are from: Hope you like it and share.

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