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African Instruments II. Ghana

In this post, we will learn more about African music and we will go to Ghana.

Ghana's music focuses mainly on percussion and improvisation with rhythmic patterns. The music requires two or three drums "talkers" (omele), a rattle (sekere), a thumb piano (agidigbo) and a bell (agogo).

There are different kids of African drums, the best known are the yembés, bongos, and congas, but depending on the area have different names and vary in size and shape.

clic image to play African music.

Here you have a video with music and dance from Ghana:


  1. Create and improvise a rhythm using African drums virtual page Abadja Rhythm.
  2. Locates and names three instruments typical of the African music.
  3. Name and describe an instrument of the music of Ghana.

  • With your classmates perform the snake dance, for that see the video above and use the music of Rhythm Abadja.

Drum Languaje in Ghanaina Schools, examples with music and scores about the drum languaje in Ghana.
Blog about African music, very interesting post about Ghana's music.
African music Encyclopedia
Cora Connection, page with music and information on Kora, African stringed traditional instrument.
African Musicians Profiles, page about African musicians.
Other instruments, some African instruments with image, description and audio to listen.
Music and dance from Ghana, two audio samples of music for dance.

(Book: The musical compas 6º UD7 African Instrument page:    )

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