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Virtual Instruments. Instrumentos Virtuales

When we talked about virtual instruments, we talk about instruments that are avaliable on the internet. Those are usefull for some activities in the music classroom like listening, for recognize the tone color of every instrument, learning about instruments, playing and recording music (Karimba and Theremin).

In La Brújula Musical, we are collecting many virtual instruments for the use in the music classroom, you can see more of these instruments in the right sidebar where it says Virtual Instruments.

Let see this new page with several of these virtual instruments, some are know:

Guitarra Virtual
Piano Virtual
Batería Virtual
Bongó Viertual
Flauta de Pan Virtual
Afinador Virtual

Clic on the image to see this web page:
Image from: VirtualmusicalInstruments


In general, the page offers only virtual instruments, all in Flash, easy access and fast use. All instruments come with a legend explaining how they could play with the keyboard.


Quick touch instruments.
Short instructions and brief
Easy and intuitive
Design and interface simple
Suitable for playing virtual instruments


No music sheets
Can not record
No activities.
Lot of publicity
No very interactive
No comments


If you are going to use some of these tools in the classroom, better check first to be able to access an external site with many links advertising, ignore these links, try to get students to focus on the virtual instrument.

It is very useful for outreach activities like string instruments such as guitar, percussion, as and drums and bongos, or wind, like the pan flute. Useful for simple individual or group activities and  formations with virtual instruments.

More Virtual Instruments:

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